Suzuki Vitara 1.6A GLX

  • SUV
  • 1586
  • Automatic
  • Yes
  • 5
  • Malaysian Entry
  • Suzuki


$380 /week

Rental Requirements:

6 months minimum rent period
22 years of age
2 years of driving experiences

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$1600 /month

Rental Requirements:

6 months minimum rent period
22 years of age
2 years of driving experiences

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Gear Type






Malaysia Entry




Deposit – Long term lease (6 month and above): 1 month deposit (Refundable)

Third Party Insurance (Excess)- $4000 (Singapore and Malaysia): Included

Unlimited Driving Mileage: Included

  1. Hirer is obliged to inform the Owner immediately of any accident and make report to the insurance company not later than 24 hours after the accident. The Hirer must not acknowledge or compound any claim either partial or in full. It is important that they secure in names, NRIC number, address and contact number of witnesses as well as the license number of any vehicles involved in the accident. In the event that any party to the accident suffered an injury, or involved a government vehicle and/ or damage to government property, or involved a foreign vehicle or involved a pedestrian or cyclist, the local police authorities have to be informed.
  2. Punctured tyres, empty petrol tank, flat battery due to negligence, loss of vehicle’s key or locked key inside the vehicle, by itself does not constitute to a breakdown and that in the event, the Owner’s 24 hours Emergency Service is called upon to respond to such occurrence, the Hirer shall bear the cost of such response at S$80-S$100 per trip. Punctured and damaged tyres that cannot be reused will be charged accordingly from S$100-S$200 per tyre.
  3. No refund for early return of vehicle. Vehicle shall be returned latest by 6pm (Monday – Friday) and 1pm (Saturday).
  4. Hirer/driver will be bear the responsibility of all parking and/or traffic offence.
  5. Strictly no smoking, durians and transportation with pets are allowed in the vehicle. Failure to oblige, Hirer is responsible for a cleaning cost of S$200 – S$300.
  6. The vehicle is supplied with petrol and should be returned with petrol level likewise.
  7. The Owner cannot be held the responsible for any damages not covered by insurance, to the Hirer and third party in connection with the operation and leased vehicle, as well as the loss or damage to articles stored or left in the vehicle during the leasing period. The Hirer agrees to exonerate the Owner from all responsibility in connection with any loss or damage or inconvenience used by the belated delivery of the vehicle, possible motor troubles or any other causes.